Barbelith - Mirror Unveiled LP

Barbelith - Mirror Unveiled LP

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Vinyl edition of Barbelith's debut full length LP - "Mirror Unveiled"! Released in cooperation with Grimoire Records, Silent Pendulum Records, and the band themselves, this album is 40 minutes impressionistic black metal and post-rock for fans of Deafheaven, Weakling, Wolves in the Throne Room.

"its combination of dreamlike guitar-and-keyboard melody, raking riffs, and searing vocal vehemence remains compelling. It?s lush, sweepingly atmospheric, and aggressively attacking." - No Clean Singing

"Closing out Mirror Unveiled's nearly forty minutes, ?Reverse Fall? wastes no time in establishing a central melody that threads itself throughout the song's entirety. The melodic narrative here is an integral part of the song's movement, rather than simply working as a component to the well-traversed black metal tremolo crescendo into happiness and sunshine. " - Steel for Brains

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